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The SOLITAIRE building is unquestionably the best-looking edifice inside the city because of its extravagant design and impeccable layout. The exquisite construction of the Solitaire is a marvel of originality and sincerity as it passes through the beautiful Margalla Hills. The modern, elegant, and stylish interior decor enhances the feeling of a warm and welcoming environment by blending seamlessly with the architectural style and overall sense of the building. Aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic interior furnishing ensures a wide space available for the clients and visitors at the impressive shopping center.


Our Trusted Partner

The Solitaire Hotel is pleased to establish a partnership with Golden Tulip Hotel.

Solitaire Hotel is proud to announce its collaboration with Golden Tulip Hotels. With more than 45 years of hospitality experience, Golden Tulip is a leading luxurious hotel worldwide. The Golden Tulip hotel chain by Louvre Group dates back to 1960s, when the first Golden Tulip hotel opened in the Netherlands. Today, the brand has expanded across the globe, operating in more than 44 countries with 180 hotels. Being second largest hospitality group in the world, Louvre group is established in 120 countries, with over 10,000 hotels and 130,000,000 active royalty members.

Golden Tulip gives its guests a unique and enjoyable experience by providing innovative services. The concept provides 4 star international standards with multi-functional open space, great digital experience, impactful local game experience and a friendly staff attitude. Dedicated to building the future of hospitality and ambiance, the Golden Tulip is now a choice of millions worldwide

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Where all foodiez Relish

Aromatic restaurants at Solitaire enchants its guests into a multi-sensory realm of grandeur, elegance, and delight and provides an amazing spot for all the food lovers. Rejoice your sumptuous breakfasts, satisfying brunch, muchly lunch and a lavish dinner at the national, Continental and Chinese restaurants with your loved ones.

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Pakistan is a beautiful country with a unique history and cultural heritage. Pakistan was the site for one of the world's earliest human settlements: the great prehistoric Indus Valley Civilization, the crucible of ancient empires, religions and cultures. The land of Pakistan ranges from lofty mountains in the north, the Karakorum and the Himalayas, through dissected plateaus to the rich alluvial plains of the Punjab.


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